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CLD50 Lens Auto Loader

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Lens Auto Loader

  • Lens loading and unloading device with XYZ cartesian coordinate robot
  • Automatic lens feeder optimized for CC-60U automatic centering machine
  • Direct lens supply to the machine without intermediate supply device
  • Separated structure and variable speed control that minimizes vibration impact to the machine
  • Intermediate centering jig adjustable for each lens shape and size
  • Equipped with Siemens PLC and Servo motor
  • Convenient user interface screen menu
  • Convenient mobile operator's panel for loader setup

Machine specifications for CLD50

Structure XYZ Cartesian Coordinate Robot
Dimension (W x L x H) 969.5 x 1495 x 1707.4 (mm)
Pallet space (W x L) 470 x 760 (mm)
Workpiece max. diameter Ø50mm
Robot spec. (X-AXIS) Servo motor driven ball screw
  Stroke : 1,100mm Max. speed : 20 meter/min
              (Y-AXIS) Servo motor driven ball screw
  Stroke : 500mm Max. speed : 10 meter/min
              (Z-AXIS) Servo motor driven ball screw
  Stroke : 200mm Max. speed : 6 meter/min
Motor spec. (X -AXIS) Siemens Servo Motor
  0.4kW / 1.27Nm /3000rpm
              (Y-AXIS) Siemens Servo Motor
  0.2kW / 0.64Nm /3000rpm
              (Z-AXIS) Siemens Servo Motor (with brake)
  0.1kW / 0.32Nm /3000rpm
Air supply 5kgf/cm2
Workpiece holding Vacuum suction type
Controller Siemens PLC (CPU 1215C)
Control axis X,Y,Z-axis (3axis) 
Min. commanding resolution 0.1mm
Min. positioning resolution 0.001mm 
Input Device Touch panel (Siemens KTP400 Basic)
Electric power 1Ø AC220V 50/60Hz 1.2KVA    
Machine weight 300Kg