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Nothing Impossible !
Beyond you can see !

Welcome to CAI

CAI - CNC Application Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 2006.

In 2010, we obtained a solution partner certificate in the CNC field from Siemens - famous German manufacturer of CNC controllers, and was recognized for our engineering technique and skills.

We have secured the technology of open CNC device application for many years based on the machine tool's technology of CNC engineering, and opened a new home page by completing the development of the CNC Centering Machine in the optical industries.

CAI has accumulated cutting edge technology for the development and production of non-circular ginding machine such as Camshaft grinding machine in automobile industries.

We finally released CNC lens centering machine in 2021.
For two years, we have done our best not only to develop non-round grinding machines, but also to improve the performance and durability of machines and to improve user convenience.

We can dare to say that these products are created by mechanical, electrical, and software convergence technologies. Based on many years of experience, CAI will focus on developing and manufacturing high-level machines that require advanced CNC application technology in the optical industy.